Why I became a Beautycounter consultant

I never thought I would be here.  If you know me well, you can agree I’d be the last person to even consider direct consultant sales.  First off, I have a full time business I own, that keeps me both satisfied and busy.  Like you, I’ve been hit up on Facebook by acquaintances I haven’t heard from in years unsolicited to tell me about the latest miracle essential oil or anti-aging cream.  Not exactly a cute look.

But I’m here to cut the bullshit.  I aim to be transparent and honest.  After all my reservations, I proudly took this on.


I would not be doing this if I didn’t believe in the products whole-heartedly.  I’m prepared if you don’t want to listen.  I’m prepared for you to make snap judgments.  I’m not here to flood your inbox if you don’t want it.  But why be embarrassed or ashamed, when this is something I’ve seen unparalleled results with?  When this company is on a passionate mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone?  When their standards are so incredibly high, that you can feel comfortable not using this for your own skin, but your own babies and family members too?

Beautycounter products you can depend on

Again, it also may shock you if you know me personally that I’m all aboard representing a safer beauty product line for two reasons.

First – I’m not outlandishly a huge “green life” cheerleader.  But make note, Beautycounter doesn’t market itself as a “green, organic, natural” product.  It’s not “chemical free” (hi, even water is a chemical!).   It’s all about SAFE.  Beautycounter handpicks the best, safest ingredients and reject everything else. They’ve compiled a “never list” with more than 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients that will never be used in formulating products.  I didn’t even think what I was using mattered until I received this education.  And it gets a little scary finding out what we’ve been using has essentially no regulation.

Second – I’m not a makeup artist or esthetician.  This was my big hold up for trusting direct sales companies, and then my biggest roadblock to taking the step to join as a consultant.  Yeah, I get it.  Why the heck would you trust me?  Because I’m a fellow consumer that has become highly motivated by her own results.  Results that have gone way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced since I’ve struggled with my skin since a young teenager.  My skin has rejuvenated a new life, my acne has cleared up, I have less redness flair ups, I feel totally hydrated and replenished, and I’m simply glowing.  To top it off, the ingredients are ones I can feel guilt-free about.  When you’re excited with something like this, why keep it secret to yourself?

Beautycounter cleansing balm

Beautycounter is a mission-based company, aiming to get safer products in the hands of everyone.  They operate on transparency.  This means they are transparent about what goes into their products and why (with a very rigorous ingredient selection process), and is full of a team of consultants that are trustworthy, honest and fully on board because they know the magic of the goods first-hand.  We aren’t here to win you over (at least I’m not).  We are here because we’re excited about the mission and results.

Charcoal mask and charcoal cleansing soap bar

My “gateway” Beautycounter products were the Charcoal Cleansing Bar and No. 3 Charcoal Balancing Mask.  Which I’ll be diving into my experience with soon.  But after just these two products, I slowly started adding to my stash and was fully hooked, product by product.

Which product will be your “gateway”?  Take our skin care quiz to see what your skin is craving, or contact me to find the perfect fit for you.  Don’t love it?  Return it within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.  

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