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How Beautycounter became a life changing experience for me

Life changing beauty products Beautycounter

Like many of you, I began my teenage years with a shiny forehead, zits of varying shapes and sizes and redness all over.  I wasn’t exactly getting asked out on a ton of dates, and during these formative years it left me feeling quite insecure and hiding behind makeup.

I knew I wasn’t alone (show me a teenager that doesn’t suffer with acne… and I’ll show them the door), but the real problem for me came when entered my twenties and there had been NO improvements.  Stress, less sleep, bad eating habits, and of course alcohol was only adding fuel to the flame.  Everyone around me was turning into polished adults, and here I was with the same skin insecurities, feeling stuck as a teenager.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d be finishing a hair treatment or makeup service, and the consultant / stylist / technician casually (or not so casually) slipped in their recommendation to clear up my zits.  Sure, they probably meant no harm, but since this was unsolicited advice I always felt so embarrassed.  Wow, I didn’t even ask for skin care advice, and you were so distracted by my clogged pores you felt the need to offer me a product without me asking to help put me out of my misery.

Beautycounter charcoal mask and charcoal bar

What’s the best part about struggling as an adult with acne, you might ask?  Oh you know, just the delightful aging process, and now I was starting to see less elasticity and more fine lines as I entered my thirties!  Two problems from both ends of the spectrum of age.

 I was sick and tired of trying new products.  Not much worked for me, and there wasn’t really anything I was getting excited about adding into my routine.  Beautycounter entered my radar and I initially pushed it off.  Why waste money on yet another failed attempt?  My beauty cabinet looked more like a graveyard of past dreams and less like and end-all success story that I hoped for.  I had been burned.  On top of it, Beautycounter had a direct sales model, which from past experience made me cringe.  Obviously these consultants were just motivated to make a buck and didn’t care if they worked or not.  I was a skeptic.  But as I sat on the sidelines for a long time, I started listening. As a business owner at Twinkle & Toast working face to face with clients, I really wanted to put my best-self forward.

Beautycounter is a results-driven product line.  It’s not an “all natural” line, but what goes into their products is held up to rigorous standards.  The US beauty and personal care industry truly is the Wild West.  I was shocked to learn the US has not passed a major federal law regulating the cosmetics industry sine 1938 (over 80 years ago!  Do you know what kind of weird shit was going on in the health industry 80 years ago?).  Most chemicals on the market do not have any data on safety.

In fact, over the past 20 years, Europe has banned almost 1,400 chemicals in product formulas of personal care products.  The US has to be close, right?  Wrong.  Here in the US to date, we’ve banned only 30.

Beautycounter US cosmetic chemicals

I was finally listening and gave a couple products a try.  Their generous 60 day return policy (even if the product has been used and emptied) was a final selling point for me.  I vowed to fully and consistently give a few of these items a try.  If I was investing in a quality product, I wouldn’t get lazy at the end of the night, I wouldn’t quickly run out the door in the morning, but instead I’d use them.  And guess what?  I was actually excited to use them, and they became part of a self-love ritual.

Over time I couldn’t believe the changes I started seeing.  My skin was clearing up, I saw more hydration and radiance, and noticed an overall healthy and youthful glow.  This skeptic was totally floored and admittedly impressed.  One or two skin care products turned into three or four… then might as well see what the body products could do for me… I’m not much of a makeup connoisseur, but then I ventured to see what those could do for me too.

Beautycounter changed not only the way I take care of my skin, but myself.  Inspired by their rigorous ingredient standards, I started becoming more conscious of what I was applying on my body.  I carved out time for taking care of my skin, because I am worthy of this.  I focused on nighttime rituals that made me feel by best, and was motivated by results and compliments I was receiving.  These products have truly transformed me.

My Beautycounter results

Today I stand here corrected.  No longer a critic or skeptic, I am a fully converted believer.  I’m even posting a god damn SELFIE on my blog. Not only has my bathroom counter gotten a full-on, slow, intentional make over, I also believe in it so much that I proudly became a consultant.

Now I ask you this… what changes are you ready to make?  And what do you have to lose?  I hope you feel empowered and eager to make a small step like I did, one product at a time.

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