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Six Health Benefits of Learning a New Skill (Like Calligraphy!)

Chris Wodjak Photography

Chris Wodjak Photography

In a calligraphy workshop, it may seem like we are just having fun with some art tools (and we are!), but the health benefits of learning something new extend much further than you may originally think. Learning a new skill can actually benefit your overall health!

1. Your brain chemistry changes.  The more you practice a new skill, the denser the myelin in your brain and fresh connections are formed between neurons.  It even increases the speed in which you can learn.

2. You become a more interesting person. Well-rounded individuals have an easier time relating to others, improving the quality of life as your relationships deepen. Say it louder for the people in back! 

3. It fights boredom and depression.  Learning something new keeps your interest level high.  Doing the same things over and over can become monotonous, but learning a new skill breaks that cycle.  It’s an active activity – not passive, like watching TV or scrolling on our phones.

4. You adapt better to change.  When willingly exposed to something new, your mind and perceptions begin to change.  The more varied your life experience is, the easier it will be to adapt to life’s inevitable changes.

5. It fuels creativity.  Ideas can come from curiosity and making connections between seemingly unrelated things.  Learning something new in one area can trigger ideas in another part of your life.

6. You could stave off dementia.  People who actively learn new skills don’t give their brains a chance to demyelinate; and thus less likely to develop dementia.  In the same way that physical exercise helps keep your body healthy, mental exercise helps keep your brain in shape.

Convinced? Limited seats currently remain for these San Diego introduction to modern calligraphy workshops – the only workshops scheduled for 2019.  Now is the chance to learn something new, have fun and have a healthier mind.  Register below:

Upcoming Calligraphy Workshops

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