To say we’re particular when it comes to your stationery suite doesn’t quite cover it. We search high and low to source the perfect ingredients, create custom calligraphy, and are as precise about (read: obsessed with) paper color as a person can possibly be—all the while ensuring what we create is an honest reflection of your style and does justice to your love, on your terms. Because you’re more than excited about your future together, and I am too!

Make it meaningful, make it meticulous, make it a moment.

An age old art form, reimagined

Our Way

We create for couples from all religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, cultural identities, ethnicities, and genders. We craft with an open mind, listen with an open ear, and work to foster an environment where you’re comfortable to honestly express yourself and share your story without bounds.

We believe the best art stems from not just a surface-level acceptance of a person, but from a full-stop, open-armed understanding and embrace of their distinct beauty and unique lived experiences.

We create with intention, celebrate love without boundaries, never shy away from color, and live to push the envelope.

I’m a San Diego native who headed to the snowy Rockies to secure my Art History degree from the University of Colorado (don’t worry—I’ve since made it back to sea level). I always knew I wanted to do something creative with my life that celebrated the beauty of art, and a younger me was convinced that creative calling might just be wedding planning. I spent some time learning from acclaimed luxury wedding planners before eventually realizing paper—not planning—was my true love. Talk about a plot twist.

Today, I’m able to use the deeper understanding of the industry I developed during my time exploring planning and working in hospitality to cater to not just couples—but planners and fellow vendors. I have a nuanced awareness of all of the moving parts that go into throwing a cohesive, multi-faceted affair—and I know how to weave the stationery design process into the mix meticulously and effortlessly.

As a born empath, I love how my role as a wedding stationery designer allows me to connect deeply with couples from all over the world, listen to their lived experiences, and translate their story into a tangible piece of art. I believe that, when wedding invitations are approached with the right attitude and a discerning eye, they aren’t just another run-of-the-mill piece of pretty paper—but an opportunity to communicate your honest individuality and celebrate your identity. 

Hi there, I'm Taryn

Meet your wedding stationer

I create meaningful invitations for meaningful marriages

Above all, I want you to fall madly in love with what we create.

I am enamored (think: obsessed with a capital O) with Lady Gaga. She moves me to tears anywhere from 1-3 times per week.


My two small daughters (one of whom shares my love of color and will work alongside me and pull out paper swatches) take up most of the real-estate in my heart.

Soft Spot

Strategy board games are my ultimate passion outside of wedding stationery. The nerdier, the better. Let the conquest commence!

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