cactus wax seal

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of wax seals for your wedding invitations.  It adds such a fun design element and can be available in so many shapes, colors, sizes, etc.  We often come up with a fun, custom design for custom invitation suites but sometimes that’s not right for every project.  I was thrilled when asked me to be part of their Creative Community and design an exclusive ready-to-ship seal to be offered on their site!

I wanted to come up with something that represented my brand, but maybe hasn’t been done that often.  Wax seals are such a traditional element, but I wanted to give it a modern, California girl spin!  Inspired by Southern California desert landscapes, I illustrated a cactus with blooming florals.  This ‘Cactus Getaway’ It takes me right to Palm Springs just looking at it!  I love that this can be used for my brides, but also any bride that wants to add their own DIY element.  Oh, but don’t think these are just for wedding invitations – I’ve been sticking them on every thank you note and love letter I send!  What makes so unique is that they not only have traditional wax you can heat and seal, but they have self-adhesive seals made of real wax with an irregular edge that makes is SO. EASY. TO. APPLY.  And their color options?  Oh my, where to begin!

cactus wax seal design

palm springs wedding invitations

palm springs wedding invitation wax seal

wedding wax seal california

I hope you truly enjoy this ‘Cactus Getaway’ wax seal and be sure to tag us in your photos @twinkleandtoast @waxseals for the fun ways you use your wax seals.  Loving all the other designers in their Creative Community, so have fun taking a look!

Shop the design here.  

Read more about the project here.