Calligraphy styles

I offer three main calligraphy styles, as seen below. It’s possible that small modifications can be made, but just like you can’t tweak your own handwriting too much, calligrapher’s can’t force a style that doesn’t come naturally to them (so please keep this in mind when hiring your calligrapher - hire them because you already love their style!) Browse our three house calligraphy styles below. If you have a style preference, be sure to note your favorite before your custom invitation design process begins to make the most of our project timeline.

Style #1: Signature

The Twinkle & Toast go-to house calligraphy style. Modern pointed pen calligraphy, clean & legible with a relaxed twist.


Modern calligraphy taken just a notch up. Pointed pen calligraphy, connected letters with an elevated flair, T&T style. 


Whimsical and handmade. Brush style calligraphy, very playful and lively.